Friday, October 4, 2013

Curious George Goes to School

We've read great books - our new favorite. They are actually the favorites for several generations now, and never out of style. Camilla, 23 months old now, fell in love with the cute and smart little monkey, and her big friend with the yellow hat at first sight. She even woke up two mornings in a row with the name "George" - the first word out of her mouth before her eyes opened up.

We've read "Curious George's first day of school" first since we had started with the Toddler Homeschool. George is helping kids at school, mixing paints to create new colors, and as a result creates "a big mess".

Activities related to Curious George
  • We mixed the finger paints to make purple, orange, and green. Of course, we've got brown in a process and used it to color and review animal names and sounds.
  • Made monkey's face from pancakes, peanut butter, banana, and blueberries. This is always fun and bonding experience to play with food together. And yes, the pancakes came out very nice: I made them with butternut squash.
  • Sang and danced "5 little monkeys". Counted the monkeys along the way. The song is great for introductory counting.

Learning opposites with Curious George

The first book was all about "big mess". So we had to discuss "big" and "mess". The best way to learn this is by learning opposites. I looked around for a good book on opposites, and found the perfect match! "Curious George. Bigger and smaller". The book has fold out pages which gives the best visual explanation of just the opposites we needed, and more.
Small - big - bigger - biggest - the man with the yellow hat is the biggest.
Big - small - smaller - smallest - the butterfly is the smallest.
High - higher - highest - the red balloon is the highest.
Low - lower - lowest - the crab is the lowest.
Messy - clean.

Camilla loves this fold out pages. She really had fun with the new words.

What's your favorite Curious George book?

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