Sunday, April 13, 2014

Bunny Books

These treasures of early reading, bunny books are kind and deliver great values, extremely cute and very catchy. I had thought that "The Runaway Bunny" would be Camilla's favorite, but there are so many more! I want to share our favorites of this Easter season. Maybe you'd want to check them out, or tell us about your favorite Bunny book - we'd love to read them all.

Quiet Bunny

Quiet Bunny by Lisa McCue loves to listen to the sounds of the forest. With the beautiful pictures and the text, Camilla had her full attention to the story line and made her own little discoveries in the world of sounds. This is a great book to teach them how to listen!

There are many animals that gather together every night in the meadow to create and enjoy the night song. But can Bunny make any sound to join in? We had a lot of fun trying to rub our legs together like a cricket, and twitch the nose, and wiggle our ears and toes. Camilla loved to count bunnies in the meadow... and in our backyard.

I plan to find this author's other books: Little Chick and Mouse's first summer.

The Runaway Bunny

The Runaway Bunny by Margaret Wise Brown is an all time favorite. We had a lot of fun activities related to this book. They can be found here The Runaway Bunny.

Little Bunny

Little Bunny by Lauren Thompson is illustrated in wonderful colors. It brightens your day just by looking through this book. The newborn Bunny is travelling through his neighborhood and meets new friends: a dragonfly, a chipmunk, a porcupine, a chickadee. He splashes across the brook, tumbles in the clover, and scampers back to Mama. The story is very easy to understand, and has many new words to learn at the same time.

Bella Loves Bunny

Bella Loves Bunny by David McPhail. I cheated: I substituted "Bella" by "Camilla" when reading this book. It made this book very personal. Camilla loves to "read" this book while hugging her toy bunny (who all of a sudden has become her favorite toy again).

Curious George

Curious George Flies a Kite by H.A.Rey. George does fly a kite at the end of the story. But for the first half of the story, he visits a bunnies' house in the big garden. He decides to play hide and seek with a baby bunny, can't find it, and asks Mother Bunny for help. We talked about bunny holes and food after reading this book. Very cute!

What Am I? Easter

It is a lift the flap book written by Anne Margaret Lewis. Each page is a riddle with the answer behind the flap. It's a little too advanced for Camilla, but she enjoyed the flaps of the book.

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Sunday, April 6, 2014

Humpty Dumpty Breakfast, or a Week of Morning Surprises in a Box

Humpty Dumpty Breakfast

Humpty Dumpty Egg is sitting on a wall of Legos. I shook the box, and Humpty fell, again and again, until the king's men couldn't help any longer and the egg got eaten. It turned out a very exciting breakfast for my picky eater. And got Camilla very interested in the box's surprises for the rest of the week.

A Week of Morning Easter Surprises in a Box

I offered my happy little girl an activity in a box: one new activity each morning. It would be nice to keep it up until Easter: a kind of an Easter count down.

On the second morning, she got to sort Easter eggs by size. The eggs printed out from 3 Dinosaurs and laminated.

The morning after that: we decorated our flowers. I had got lucky to score a box of mini salt shakers on clearance. We filled them with the colored sand which was an exciting activity on itself. Camilla covers the surface with the glue stick and spreads it with the sand. The loose sand is gathered back into the salt shaker and reused. She also glued in the pieces of ribbon and gems.

On the fourth morning, we connected the 2 halves of Easter eggs.

Here is the fifth morning. The lacing card and the numbers page are printed from 1+1+1=1. Camilla used the glass beads to count the ducks on the page.

On the morning after that, Camilla found a color wheel in her box. Cloths pins are the best fine motor practice. They are very challenging for her: she's just started managing them.

Pattern Blocks

Our last box of the week had a magnetic board with pattern blocks and markers for tracing the letter T.

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Friday, April 4, 2014

Recycled Box: Spring Showcase

The Hidden Garden

We've made a beautiful garden from an old box and used it for many different purposes already: built small worlds with several different themes; used as a display case for recent activities and crafts and as a display for the introduction to play; learned about types of flowers and insects; reviewed sorting by objects in land, air, and water.

To make a case, I removed 2 sides from the box leaving about 2 inches at the bottom of the box to keep it steadier. The 2 top flaps are bend forward slightly and stapled together. The size of the base is a little larger then 12 by 12. I made holes along the top edges - 8 holes per each side. The ribbons strung through the holes are used to display the items elevated from the base. The ribbons are not tight to anything so that we can change the height of the items attached to them.

We used 12 by 12 pre printed scrapbook sheets. Camilla enjoyed covering the box with glue so much! Then I gave her stickers for embellishments (the stickers are reusable).

For our first scene in the box, we set a pond filled with glass beads and fish, our newly crafted tulip and crocus, animals, and flying insects. I love how Camilla is fascinated by her garden in this picture. So funny!

Spring flower craft with a TP roll

I drew grass and leaves free hand on 2 pieces of construction paper, cut them out, and glued them together at the ends to make a "ring".

Camilla was happy to color all the flower stems as much as she wanted. She didn't cover all the rolls. So I smoothed all the surfaces with the brush after she got finished.

To make each flower, I cut out two pieces. I cut them halfway along midline: one starting at the bottom and one at the top. Then I connected the two to make a 3-D flower.

We'll use these flowers to learn about the parts of flowers and to decorate them with sparkle, gems and insects that live in the grass.

What are your favorite spring flowers?

Sunday, March 30, 2014

The Runaway Bunny

Welcome to the Poppins Book Nook! The theme for this months is "Where in the World?" - adventures, explorations, travelling, and the discovery of new exciting things.

For our 2 year olds we chose "The Runaway Bunny" by Margaret Wise Brown. This famous bunny visits a trout stream, climbs the mountain, plays in a hidden garden, flies with birds, sails, performs in the circus, and finally gets a carrot at home. Camilla loves this book and "reads" it all by herself now.

The books that came along with our travelling theme are so great that I want to mention them here too.

The activities and crafts for this book are a huge success. Camilla happily participated in everything and has learned a lot through our playing.

Sorting through objects of the land, water, and air helped to prepare for the introduction to the big world,  the globe, and travelling. Here is a link to our Land, Air, and Water - Montessori Inspired. At our first introduction to the globe, we found land and water on the globe, talked about the globe as a model of Earth and saw it can rotate, and found a place where we live on the globe. Camilla was very interested and seemed to understand. They grow so fast!

We've built a hidden garden with flying insects from an old box.

Making flowers from construction paper and a TP tube was so much fun! We counted fish, rocks, flowers, birds, sailboats, carrots. The book gives meaning and motivation to counting - so great!


We reviewed letters while playing and building spring flowers with pattern blocks. If you haven't seen it, you can read about it here: Spring Flowers - Pattern Blocks

We have learned about circus and played "circus" on rainy/snowy days at home. Unbelievable, but we had snow on the ground this afternoon! What's with this long winter?

The simple matching vocabulary game: walk, climb, sail, drive, fly. We matched the objects to printed out scenes and reenacted the actions. Sorry, no pictures - I was too busy playing and the scenes got destroyed in action ;)

Camilla's all time favorite Do-A-Dots got used with these lovely printables: Crystal&Comp

Where in the world?

I am proud to join a group of these wonderful bloggers - hosts of Poppins Book  Nook!

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Thursday, March 27, 2014

Spring Flowers - Pattern Blocks and Letter Review. Free Printables.

We are having a week of spring flowers: I combined learning the names of the flowers with the letter reviews and introduction to the pattern blocks. Camilla is happy and motivated to do the activities - YAY - it works!

Spring flowers

I chose pansy, crocus, daffodil, daisy, hyacinth, and tulip for her first exploration of the variety of beautiful flowers. It's not an easy task at this age: to name the flower correctly, they need to be able to compare the colors and shapes of different parts of the flowers. It always amazes me how fast little kids learn and how much they are able to accomplish when they are interested in a subject.

This subject is wonderful: the best colors of the Mother Nature!

There are several activities on each page: name the letter and trace with fingers, name the flower and the first sound of the flower, add the blocks to complete the leaves (and name the letter and the flower while doing it), make the letter from the patter blocks, trace the letters with the marker, match the magnetic letters to the name of the flower.

We are doing one page per day with the tracing the letter review for the next day. Camilla was able to trace the letters with her markers. I offered her to match the magnetic letters to the written word for the first time. She was able to do this, but it was challenging and she got bored quickly. I've realized my mistake: I should offer her only several letters that are in the given word.

Spring flowers - free printables

Here are the links to pattern blocks printables (6 pages of activities). We worked with triangles and squares only for the easiest difficulty level: this was my daughter's first experience with pattern blocks.
Pansy. Crocus.

Pattern blocks

I chose magnetic foam pattern blocks: they are nice and thick, and don't slide around easily. They are available at Amazon from different brands. When choosing pattern blocks, make sure to buy the standard shapes and colors because they can be used with many patterns readily available for different difficulty levels.

 Sunday Showcase

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Our Trips and Things: Two Weeks in Review

Snowy, rainy, windy, sunny, cloudy, cold, warm - thanks to the weather, Camilla has learned how to describe the weather easily. For her, the description means how much time she has to spend outside. That's usually not very long.

This post is a review of what we've been up to for the last couple of weeks in pictures. Camilla didn't show any new skills for some time. And now, all of a sudden, she surprised us with many new skills at the same time. My little princess is 28.5 months old.

The picture above: she is excited and overwhelmed sitting in a tub of shredded paper at a library. Picture below: the first dance on the stage for my very "shy" girl.

It's been an exceptionally long winter. Every time the weather is better, everybody's hope is high that the spring is coming. Then, it's cold and snowing again.

Thanks for the long winter, we are concurring all the equipment indoors: a scooter, roller skates, climbing walls, climbing on furniture, throwing and catching the ball with both hands - these all are new and fun.

Here is admiring the art - she was standing there for a long time, just staring at pictures. That was the first time I noticed her observing an object at the museum setting without any moving and grabbing...

This structure is Camilla's creation: a table cloth folded in half with the 6 newly arrived activity trays placed in a row. She was running and skipping from tray to tray scaring me with the sliding trays on plastic. I am happy: the girl and the trays survived with no visible damage. These are good quality trays and not very expensive: $10 for 6 trays at Oriental Trading.

Camilla loves her printouts from Carisa. It's our third week with the lovely activities, and Camilla spent a lot of time working with them.

The lacing cards are done quickly: she doesn't want to learn to lace in order. Her way, or no way. She can figure out matching to the shadow and sequencing, but they are not her favorite.

This printout is very pretty - we loved it! This one is Camilla's second one. She didn't want to finish with Do-a-Dots, but completed the tracing nicely. Hmm, I've just noticed: she missed one balloon.

She loves drawing circles these days. Coloring balls is the perfect activity for her!

She can trace a letter now! On the picture above, it helped her to start and finish tracing with a little ball.

Camilla doesn't like coloring. It has to be an engaging activity for her. Then she would reach out to get a crayon or a marker; and spends a lot of time doing it. She loved coloring her cats.

Here is Camilla's favorite art supplies. Except Melissa&Doug multi color stamp pad. It barely had any ink right after opening the case.

Which ones are your kids' favorites?