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Pirates' hats. Stortebeker - a Mighty German Pirate.

Pirates' hats. Stortebeker - a Mighty German Pirate.

We are having a month of fun with pirates in July! This week, we had an introduction to pirates and pirates' symbols, read a book, started watching "Jake and the Neverland Pirates", and tried to make pirates' hats to dress up Camilla's dolls. More pirate - themed posts are coming!

Klaus Stortebeker

Klaus Stortebeker is the most famous German pirate.  Many myths and legends surround this real historical figure. The name Stortebeker can be translated as "empty the mug in one gulp" which he could perform really well! Of course, it's like a 2 gallon mug we are talking about. The masts of the ship contained a core of gold. When the pirate was finally caught, he made a deal with the mayor of Hamburg. The mayor promised to realease as many of Stortebeker's companions as he could walk past after being beheaded. Stortebeker's body arose and walked past 11 pirates! Stortebeker memorial in Hamburg (source: http://es.wikipedia.org/wiki/Klaus_St%C3%B6rtebeker).

The theatrical performance at the Stortebeker festival in Raiswiek was a huge success. Source: obs/Stortebeker Festspiele GmbH & Co. KG

Pirate Pete

We scored an excellent book as an intro to pirates: "Pirate Pete" by Kim Kennedy. The repetitive pattern and lots of humor and surprises - our family is in love with this book (Yes, Daddy found it more fun to read then Camilla).

All the main pirate's attributes are in the book with the excellent engaging illustrations. Pirate Pete and his parrot stole a treasure map from the Queen and set off to see. They visited Candy Island, Clover Island, Sleepy Island, Dragon Island, and Mermaid Island, and were finally caught by the Queen and her men.

Pirate's Hat

We made 3 different types of pirate's hats for play. All 3 are quick and easy - nothing fancy. For the first hat, I used the leftovers from our 4th of July party. Everybody called it "patriotic hat". Oh well, we'll do better next time. This one is definitely nice, easy to make, and sturdy.

I used a plastic bowl in the center, cut two plates in half, and stapled 3 of the halves to the bowl and  to each other at the ends. For the safety, I put clear packaging tape over the sharp edges of the staples.

Here is the second hat. It can be used as it is, or you can shape the top more.

I bent the top to make nice folding lines. Then, I pushed the triangle inside the hat following the lines.


The third hat. I drew the shape free hand on construction paper and cut it out. Then I traced it on the second sheet to make the second part. Camilla decorated the parts and I stapled them together.

It can be done with the black paper. I offered Camilla white to give her more options to choose the color. And she did, LOL: one side of the hat is black and red, the other side is pink and blue. She's got herself a unique, one of a kind pirate hat.

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