Saturday, December 21, 2013

Winter Sensory Bin and Crafts for Toddlers

Snowman craft/ beading for toddlers.

I offered this tray for our Christmas party. Snowman's head and body are wooden. For the hats I used a variety of large beads, so that everybody could choose their own. It made each snowman look completely different.

For threading, we used chenille stems with a bead attached at one end.

Christmas story craft

We made this craft after reenacting the story with the Nativity scene. The stable is laminated print out with the stem threaded through an opening at the roof top. Our toddlers drew the animals by themselves! The Musical Rub-Art Station by Crayola helped - it's fun! The picture was attached to the stable with scotch. Then, they used the stickers from the tray to "complete" the scene. I think, we've got pretty tree ornaments/ presents from kids to family members, and had fun!

Winter Sensory Bin

I decorated the water table with stickers. There are two areas for the animals of the polar region to live in: the top white one for the land, and the blue and white for water. The base for the land is big home-made pom-poms. The ocean is a mix of different textures: packing fillers, cotton balls, big blue buttons, and foam shapes.

A bunch of creatures moved in to live in fluffy snow. There are tongs and a jar for transferring and pouring activity.
Of course, what is a winter without jingle bells?

Camilla loved to send the bells down the slide. 4 senses are in use: hand-eye coordination, touch, sound, scented cotton balls.

And yes, I love when she plays by herself for some time. :)