Thursday, December 12, 2013

Quick and Easy Elf On the Shelf Ideas For Toddlers

Our Elf story

Elf On the Shelf became very popular and very controversial. Some people argue that Elf is not of an educational value, that his travelling around the house is not related to Christmas, that he is keeping mothers too busy and overtired for nothing, and more along these lines.

Let me just say that I am willing to spend as much time as needed to keep my family happy. Our elf is more for fun family time together, which is of the greatest value: he offers family an extra opportunity to be engaged and laugh together.

It happened that our elf doesn't look like usual elves. We went to the store and there they were: happy pretty elves filled several shelves. Camilla fell in love with them. The only problem was to choose our own from a crowd. If you'd decide to buy an elf, look for the one with the wired arms and legs (they are so much better for posing for all the different scenes).  Our elf is bigger, has strong wires, and can sit on his own.

Elf On the Shelf arrived.
Elf On the Shelf is making tricks in the bathroom
Elf On the Shelf is dancing and playing snowballs
Elf On the Shelf has a party with friends
Elf On the Shelf shares candies.
Elf On the Shelf is into mischief.
Elf On the Shelf got touched
Elf On the Shelf TPing the room.
Elf On the Shelf on the romantic vacation

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