Saturday, July 12, 2014

Party Time! A Mud Bowl - Fruit Punch.

Germany against Argentina, World Cup 2014, the final game!

It was exciting several weeks as we explored the wonderful German culture hands-on - toddler style! Every time Germany played a game, we offered activities related to some aspect of German culture. And here is the BIG DAY - the final post for the final game. GO, GERMANY!

Of course, we are partying today and getting ready for the game full of surprises tomorrow: this World Cup was full of surprises and unexpected results!

The best player of the World Cup!

Miroslav Klose is a forward for the national German team. He is 36, got married in 2004 and have 2 kids: Noah and Luan. He is currently Germany's all time top scorer with 71 goals. According to google, his salary was 2.1 million EUR in 2012.

But here is the main point: he is the best! With his last perfect goal against Brazil, he has overtaken Ronaldo! Miroslav Klose is the World Cup all time top scorer with 17 goals!

Does he look like
the mighty German pirate, Klaus Stortebeker?

“It’s a hugely emotional thing for me but people who know me will realize that my focus is already completely on Argentina, 100%,” said Klose in his interview to The Guardian.

Schlammbowle: A Mud Bowl

We are celebrating the final game with a fun Mud Bowl! This delicious punch brings lots of fun to any party. I thought it's an exact match for this occasion: it is made in no time, looks bright and brings people together, and best when all your creativity is used in process.

Choose your favorite fruits (fresh or canned). I froze berries covered with water in a Bundt cake pan. The ring of berries is a decoration all by itself. When the ring starts to melt in a drink, it slowly adds flavor to a drink changing the taste over time.

Make a mix of your favorite juices, add it to a punch bowl with the ring just before serving. Cover with ice-cream or sherbet.

Add mineral water or lemon-lime soda. Serve the bubbling solution with a ladle. Everybody's attention and smiles - guaranteed!

Explore Germany

If you live in this country or planning a trip there, you are very lucky to visit and experience the great places and things around. If travelling to Germany is not on the agenda, here are several exciting places to visit now!

Visit a city of Munich, the capital of Bavaria and the third largest city in Germany. You can find beautiful and inspiring pictures of Munich here: World Culture for Kids: Munich, Germany.  Featured: Marienplatz is the heart of Munich. Centuries ago, this place was only a crossing of roads. A group of monks decided to start their tiny village here with the name of "apud Munichen" (with the monks).

Or maybe you'd like to stroll through the countryside instead? How about a tour through the town of Heidelberg? Please, visit Around Heidelberg via Mama. Papa. Bubba. They had a great family vacation and shared their lovely pictures with us.

Learn about German traditions and how they influenced the world's culture! Kid World Citizen made a lovely review of Christmas in Germany. Did you know that the Christmas tree was born in Germany? And what with these cute boots in front of the fireplace?

Make cookies with your family and friends! These Spritzgebaeck Cookies by Glittering Muffins can bring back your best childhood memories and some smiles and warm hugs with them. Don't forget to deep them in chocolate for added fun!

This post is part of World Cup for Kids project. You can read more about it here: World Cup for Kids
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It is always exciting to explore the world and cultures. Here is one of the places to visit: Planet Called Home: In our classroom, explore the world and culture, save your planet.

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