Saturday, June 21, 2014

Bremen Town Musicians

Today I want to invite you to the famous German town of Bremen. The best introduction is the City of Bremen Website. Places to see, things to do...

Historical downtown Bremen will offer you the one of a kind City Hall 
and a medieval Schnoor Quarter;  
St. Peter's Cathedral and Schutting, an unforgettable chamber of commerce;
the statue of Roland and medieval merchants' houses,
and so much more! 

But our point of interest is the famous story written by Brothers Grimm. A donkey, a dog, a cat, and a rooster never actually made it to Bremen. Regardless, Bremen proudly displays the  statue of the four courageous musicians and friends.

There are different versions of the story available. We've read "The Bremen Town Musicians", a retelling of the Grimm's fairy tale by Eric Blair, illustrated by Bill Dickson. Camilla loved the story. So I had to read it only a million of times.

This little girl was intrigued by the fighting with the robbers. She is working on figuring out that there are some not so nice characters in the stories... Of course, only in the stories because everybody is perfectly nice in real life.

Maybe that's why "Animals in the night forest" was the craft of her preference for the story. She got black sheet of construction paper and glue. She wanted to help with cutting out the animals' shapes. I gave her the scrapes left after I cut out the first animal. So we kind of did it together.

For the sky and stars: she used a colored glue stick to draw "the sky at night" and then shook some colored sand over the glue. For the grass, I helped her to draw with the glitter pen. We also talked about how we can see cat's eyes shine at night. Camilla wanted to add shiny eyes to all the animals.

The important things she started to learn with this simple craft: how to place the bigger elements on the picture first, where is the sky and the ground on the picture.

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