Friday, September 5, 2014

Creative ABCs

Creative preschool alphabet learning

We have started our homeschool preschool co-op yesterday! During the last weeks of August parents discussed the goals and pathways, spent hours in searching for the best ideas and reading, and discussed and brainstormed again. Homeschooling is VERY time consuming, but well worth it!

Congratulations to all the parents of the busy preschoolers!
This is a huge milestone to send them to school!

Today I want to share with you some ABC learning activities and games that inspired us. The challenge is our kids have already learned letters and sounds, but make mistakes and forget them easily when not in use.

We are planning to review the alphabet
through fun games and hands-on activities.
Set aside 15 min of your busy life, play ABCs with kids, and have fun! The following activities are pictured in the collage below:

Sort your apple ABCs onto the apple trees from Life over C's.

Play Ping-Pong alphabet bounce from I Can Teach My Child.

Apply your creativity with ABC Dot Marker pages from 3 Dinosaurs.

Use Lego bricks and play-doh to build a letter from In My World.

Here are some more of our favorites that we'll make sure to use. So wonderful - I had to share.

Play "Tape letter stomp" from Mom Inspired Life.

Wash the alphabet with water and bubbles from Little Bins for Little Hands.

Hand Print through alphabet from Fun Handprint Art.

Get a workout climbing the stairs from School Time Snippets.

Hit a letter with the soft ball from Toddler Approved.

Make an easy beans matching game from The Imagination Tree.

What is your favorite ABC game?

Join in the fun:

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