Monday, August 4, 2014

Treasure Hunt and Story Time. Maps for Kids.

Introduction to maps

The treasure hunt was exciting for us this week: we built the ocean and island small world with the pirates' stuff in it. The awesome book that helped us out with learning about maps is "Maisy's Pirate Treasure Hunt" by Lucy Cousins.

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Maisy's Pirate Treasure Hunt

All the Maisy's books are great. This one turned out to be very special. It is one from the "Maisy's Big Flap Books". The treasure hunt is for finding 3 keys and a treasure chest. The simple map is provided on the first page. We kept returning back to the map with every next page to learn how maps can help.

Camilla somehow figured out the colors on the map: blue is for the ocean, green is for the forest, and yellow is for the beach. The only one that I don't think she understood was the cave. She was able to find all the keys!

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Treasure Hunt Small World

It was a quick set up for pretend playing - nothing too fancy. I used construction paper to color code the areas and we outlined our new map together. Well, I drew the map while Camilla was watching and we were discussing the things on the map. Then I let her lead in treasure hunting and pretend playing. Fun!

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Pirates' stuff and cannons

We've got to discuss the ocean animals and pirates' stuff and weapons (a sward and a cannon - new words) along the way. Recently, for our small worlds we are using Playmobil toys. Only a few smaller sets allow us to mix and match. Camilla loves Playmobil people much more then any other small figures she has! The cannon pictured above is from Imaginex pirate ship.

Activities for kids, story time, small world, educational games

We were lucky to have an opportunity to explore old cannons in Charleston, SC. Camilla was very interested (so much for a girl!). The cannons can be found at the Battery.

If you plan to travel with small kids, a nice non stressful day can be planned around the Battery. You can take a stroll along the Battery (there are stairs, not very stroller friendly) or through the neighborhoods around. The beautiful houses made Camilla think they are all "princess castles". So don't forget the camera to take pictures of the princess's headquarters!

Hazel Parker Playground is located a short distance from the Battery and kind of hidden. I would never find it if I didn't know the address in advance: 70 E Bay St. A small parking lot is in front of the entrance to the park. You can also have a picnic around there. I personally wouldn't though - those bugs of all colors and sizes just couldn't leave me alone for a second. Aw, and a beautiful carriage ride is available there.

Educational games, small world, pretend play, pirate games, introduction to geography, maps for kids.

Here is Camilla trying to operate the cannon. Such a great time we had!
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