Saturday, November 9, 2013

Fall Fun in Pictures

I used to be a summer girl. I don't know what has happened recently, but now I love fall! All the great activities surrounded by the gorgeous nature. We are lucky this year with the weather: All the days were full of warmth and sun; flowers and pumpkins, farm animals and kids were enjoying their lives. And so did the mentioned above kids' Mommies.
Well, sometimes the said kids can be not so happy. Camilla here: "Let me think about this... maybe my new owl is a good company for me when I am in not so good of a mood; and my Mom decided to run around me with a camera. Hmmm..."
"Anyhow, I love my Halloween stuff. Especially these two. They are my new awesome friends. When I want a snack, I say "Monster". When I want my juice, I say "Ghost". My Mom understands. Fall life IS fun."

"My favorite color is yellow. But these orange pumpkins are pretty too. I want them all!"

"I visited my girl friend Cassy. There I had to play with this great home made play-doh. It smells yummy. We made pumpkins, and scarecrows, and balls. Then we had a pumpkin pie - my first one that I graciously agreed to eat. Good times!"

"My Mom took me to the farm. Again, and again, and again... It's just too much stuff to explore and understand. I am looking through this window, and people around are laughing at me. Why?"

"My parents are taking pictures in such random places. It's not even fun to stand here. I'd prefer
to stand in that corn box instead."

"Leaves are falling. Slowly floating. Tumbling to the ground. - This is our favorite song this months. I love playing with leaves."

"Straw barns: there is never enough of them. Maaaan, was I scared of the giant straw walls at first."

"I am finally is very interested in heavy machinery. This one I had to drive! No, no driver's license. Just yet."

"They look OK to me. I'll take them all. No, I don't need any help, thanks!"

"Awww, these goats were so nice, soft, and clean, and cuddly. Kiss, and kiss, and hug."

"Banana ride! Watch out, people, I am driving again!"

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