Saturday, March 8, 2014

Where's de air?

That was a question my daughter asked me when she woke up after the nap. Land, water, and air sensory bin.

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Toddler curriculum review

Up to this point we were busy exploring different activities and media. Now I realized that Camilla is up for a next level of learning (she is 28 months at this time). We were in need of developing a nice new routine too so that Camilla knows what to expect and look forward to; and I have activities readily available for her at all times. I looked around and found the best ever set of activities for us!

I am very excited and Camilla loves our new curriculum that can be found here: Alphabet Printables & More Thank you, Carisa, for all your creativity, hard work and attention to detail! We are your huge fans!

To use Carisa's Tot Pack, I had to print out 14 pages for our letter of the week. We chose R for our Rainbow theme. I love that the pages are simple and not too busy with images, and at the same time, have enough spark to be very engaging for Camilla. The 14 pages cover all the points of interest for us: the letter activities, numbers, colors and shapes, new vocabulary activities, and a space for creative work and arts.

Here is Camilla's favorite at this time: do-a-dots. There are letters R hidden in the rain forest. I modeled a couple for her; and she surprised me by finding all the rest of the letters by herself!

Here are the two most challenging pages for us: color the rainforest with the color stated on each part, and numbers 1-20 activity. I was afraid she wouldn't be interested enough to keep attention, but she loved the activities! I offered her pens for the first time - that kept her busy until she went through everything on the pages, and then some. I didn't know she could name some numbers correctly and trace them - a wow factor!

She loved her new pack so much she went through almost everything in one sitting and kept me so busy I didn't have much time to take pictures. Here is another surprise: she was able to lace the card we made from the pack. I punched flower shaped holes - they have sharp edges which helped to keep the rope from slipping back out of the hole.

Our new 3 part rainforest puzzle looks very pretty!

I have also made matching to the shadow cards and sequencing cards. Love them!

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