Friday, May 2, 2014

Farm. G is for Goat.

Earth Day Every Day Bracelet

Brown - soil for growing food. It covers only 1/32 of the earth and is less than 5 feet deep. Save Land Space.
Yellow - sun. Sun warms the earth and is needed for plant photosynthesis and growth. Save energy, stop global warming.
Blue - water. 97% is salt water - <1% of the world's fresh water is accessible for human use. Save water, protect our waterways.
Red - animals and people. Everybody can only survive if natural resources are conserved. Reduce, reuse, and re-buy.
Green - Earth. Make everyday Earth Day!
Heart - You! You are the key. It is our job to take care of our Earth.

We had lots of fun with red! We visited a farm to see baby animals and to enjoy some perfect spring weather.

On this picture: the bunny loves to thump on the log, but is anybody hiding inside?

Sheep craft

It's quick, easy, and very educational. Camilla was given a picture of a sheep. She glued some wool on the sheep and grass and corn for sheep's food. I love it!

G is for goat

We continue with our printables from Carisa:
I love the Tot School Printables in Action Pinterest board!
All the letters and related great ideas are in one place. Very helpful.
You can find it HERE 

Find the goats. Camilla is 30 months now. She loves tracing the letters, but still does not like coloring. The fact that there are goats on the letters helps a lot: it makes the letter entertaining and helps to learn the directions for writing letters. All she has to do is connect the goats. Which is fun!

What starts with the sound "G"? The whole time we are on this page, I name the objects and their begging sounds, again and again. I realized today that it's still not enough. As of today, 5/01/14, Camilla started reading a book, yay!! She named letters of the words she saw with the biggest print. She named the letters, but not their sounds.

Stamp the letter G on the goat. Well, our letters G are all over the place.

Dot paint the goats. Camilla loves this activity. After that we usually use the markers to trace the letter several times with different colors. This time she didn't want to do this.

A word about our choice of markers. We used to use Crayola chubby markers (which are made for beginners). The problem that I missed was they are for beginners who don't use a proper pencil grip yet. When Camilla learned her pencil grip, those markers started flying up from her little fingers. That made her very frustrated! I thought that she didn't want to do this type of activities any longer. It took me several days to find out that those markers were huge and awkward for her little fingers.

We immediately switched to mini pip-squeaks! I wish I had thought about it before!

Dot paint the letters G, g - say the sound "G" when painting every one of them. Camilla enjoys stamping the letters quickly. We need to work on sounding them out!

Farm related vocabulary. I printed the page twice, and made the cards from one of the pages. She loved this little matching game after visiting the farm, even played with cards as her toys.

Beginning sounds game.

This is very challenging for Camilla. We did it together as long as she was willing to pay attention. This is our first introduction to this game... we'll see...

And beginning sounds game on the magnetic board (and the refrigerator). Wow, we ARE to the next step of learning!

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