Sunday, June 30, 2013

Cleaning Toys with a Toddler

With so many toys accumulating around, it is getting a job of its own to clean them. And it is mission impossible to clean them safely with a busy toddler roaming around. We have gathered some that can be washed in soap and water and decided to have some fun with it together. Thank you, Brittany, for an inspiration! Camilla was busy for a long time: playing with bubbles, getting through the toys in the sink, fishing for her favorite horse, playing with the sponge... I didn't expect it to be THAT much fun!

The nastiest things ever... The bath tub toys. Well, ours are not nasty just yet, but they are getting there. The mold is a cause for many respiratory and immune problems. I do try my best to empty and dry the toys after each use. The other day I was getting water from one of our new squirts, and it smelled funny already. So I asked around for the ideas with cleaning the bath tub toys. If anybody can add to what I found, or give their opinions, please, please, leave a comment!

With this being said, I declare the deadly fight with mold. Please, choose your weapon!
1. Bleach. This is the most effective way, but it is a harsh chemical that will be left behind even after the best rinsing.
2. Vinegar. I've heard of several different recipes.
Soak the toys in vinegar. Or use half and half with water. Or add a cup of vinegar to a tub with water and toys. Put half and half in a spray bottle. Wash the toys, then spray them, then wipe.
3. Dish washer.
4. Trash. Throw the mold together with a toy away. Gotta protect the land fields though. Recycle the toys. Or donate them to the dog shelter if you can choose appropriate ones.
5. Clear silicone sealant or hot glue gun. The wholes in toys can be sealed (hopefully, when new). I think, I am going to try the sealant and post the update to this.
6. Anything else?

I remember seeing the cute advice somewhere in Internet. I am going to try this when I will find time (Ha! Ha!) This is for the outside plastic equipment and vehicles. We'll get the markers for drawing on glass and use them to draw on plastic. Creativity first. And then it suppose to motivate the kids to wash the drawing together with the toy with sponges and soap and water.

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