Sunday, April 13, 2014

Bunny Books

These treasures of early reading, bunny books are kind and deliver great values, extremely cute and very catchy. I had thought that "The Runaway Bunny" would be Camilla's favorite, but there are so many more! I want to share our favorites of this Easter season. Maybe you'd want to check them out, or tell us about your favorite Bunny book - we'd love to read them all.

Quiet Bunny

Quiet Bunny by Lisa McCue loves to listen to the sounds of the forest. With the beautiful pictures and the text, Camilla had her full attention to the story line and made her own little discoveries in the world of sounds. This is a great book to teach them how to listen!

There are many animals that gather together every night in the meadow to create and enjoy the night song. But can Bunny make any sound to join in? We had a lot of fun trying to rub our legs together like a cricket, and twitch the nose, and wiggle our ears and toes. Camilla loved to count bunnies in the meadow... and in our backyard.

I plan to find this author's other books: Little Chick and Mouse's first summer.

The Runaway Bunny

The Runaway Bunny by Margaret Wise Brown is an all time favorite. We had a lot of fun activities related to this book. They can be found here The Runaway Bunny.

Little Bunny

Little Bunny by Lauren Thompson is illustrated in wonderful colors. It brightens your day just by looking through this book. The newborn Bunny is travelling through his neighborhood and meets new friends: a dragonfly, a chipmunk, a porcupine, a chickadee. He splashes across the brook, tumbles in the clover, and scampers back to Mama. The story is very easy to understand, and has many new words to learn at the same time.

Bella Loves Bunny

Bella Loves Bunny by David McPhail. I cheated: I substituted "Bella" by "Camilla" when reading this book. It made this book very personal. Camilla loves to "read" this book while hugging her toy bunny (who all of a sudden has become her favorite toy again).

Curious George

Curious George Flies a Kite by H.A.Rey. George does fly a kite at the end of the story. But for the first half of the story, he visits a bunnies' house in the big garden. He decides to play hide and seek with a baby bunny, can't find it, and asks Mother Bunny for help. We talked about bunny holes and food after reading this book. Very cute!

What Am I? Easter

It is a lift the flap book written by Anne Margaret Lewis. Each page is a riddle with the answer behind the flap. It's a little too advanced for Camilla, but she enjoyed the flaps of the book.

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