Sunday, April 6, 2014

Humpty Dumpty Breakfast, or a Week of Morning Surprises in a Box

Humpty Dumpty Breakfast

Humpty Dumpty Egg is sitting on a wall of Legos. I shook the box, and Humpty fell, again and again, until the king's men couldn't help any longer and the egg got eaten. It turned out a very exciting breakfast for my picky eater. And got Camilla very interested in the box's surprises for the rest of the week.

A Week of Morning Easter Surprises in a Box

I offered my happy little girl an activity in a box: one new activity each morning. It would be nice to keep it up until Easter: a kind of an Easter count down.

On the second morning, she got to sort Easter eggs by size. The eggs printed out from 3 Dinosaurs and laminated.

The morning after that: we decorated our flowers. I had got lucky to score a box of mini salt shakers on clearance. We filled them with the colored sand which was an exciting activity on itself. Camilla covers the surface with the glue stick and spreads it with the sand. The loose sand is gathered back into the salt shaker and reused. She also glued in the pieces of ribbon and gems.

On the fourth morning, we connected the 2 halves of Easter eggs.

Here is the fifth morning. The lacing card and the numbers page are printed from 1+1+1=1. Camilla used the glass beads to count the ducks on the page.

On the morning after that, Camilla found a color wheel in her box. Cloths pins are the best fine motor practice. They are very challenging for her: she's just started managing them.

Pattern Blocks

Our last box of the week had a magnetic board with pattern blocks and markers for tracing the letter T.

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