Friday, May 31, 2013

10 Reasons I Am a Great Mom

1. Because I care, and listen, and try to understand.
2. Because I managed to stay sane so far with my "I want to be everywhere right now, and I don't want to sleep" kids.
3. Because I think my family is the best of what happened to me, and I love them all.
4. Because I read out loud the same books again and again, every day, many times a day.
5. Because I enjoy the every day discoveries of the world with them.
6. Because I am still breast feeding and co-sleeping: it's very boring and annoying at times.
7. Because I quit a great job to stay at home for my family.
8. Because I try to teach my kids to be great people.
9. Because we are going to the vacation in 2 days. Yay!
10. Because I am going to survive 10+ running and screaming toddlers for our Zoo Party when we'll get back, LOL.

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