Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Busy Bag Swap 2

This is such a fun! My baby got so many great activities, and she loves all of them! We are preparing for the vacation. I am scared of the 8+ hours in the car with this busy toddler. Busy bags will be a lot of help in the car and everywhere else!
Here are some of the stuff we've got:

Color wheel.

She is to match the colors on the wheel with the colors on the cloths pin. There can be different variations of this. Match shapes, letters, numbers, animals...

"The bird eats worms".

The bird is a cloths pin. The child is to use it  to pick up "worms" hidden in paper grass. Very cute!

"Draw a face and say "Hi" ".

The girl's face is made of hot glue on cardboard. Mommy puts a piece of paper over the face, and Camilla rubs it with the side of a crayon. (we will work on it; there are fine motor skills still involved - still difficult for 19 months old) Then, the face shows off on paper, and we can say "Hi" to a new girl - LOL.

Camilla was so happy to have so many new activities here and there through the day, and I didn't have to spend any time to prepare it. I am in love with busy bags! So looking forward to another busy bag swap! I will make sand art bags. If anybody has any great busy bag ideas, I'd love to hear them!!!!

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