Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Busy Bag Swap

Busy bag is a zip-lock bag containing a fun activity for kids. It meant to be small enough that you can stick it in your bag and pull it out to get your kid busy when travelling. Getting ready for a vacation! Yay!!! Everybody was to make the copies of the same bag in the amount of families participating. So that we exchange the bags, and each family would leave with a bunch of different bags filled with fun! It can be very simple, like several macaroni and a rope to put them in to make a jewelry.
So, here is mine:
Does it look like fun already? There are 4 busy bags in this picture. "Learn your colors". The picture is made in the laundry room without the light and flush. OK, sorry, here is a picture with a flush:
I found the locker kits on clearance, $1.50 per kit. There were a dry-erase board, a star dry-erase, a light, a clock, a dry-erase marker, and a mirror. I used the packaging board to make a book. The inside is dry-erase itself.

And I covered outside with primary colors. The attached ziplock contains several pieces of felt of different colors and a light. I hope, our toddlers will have fun with changing the color of the light when it's dark. And when there is light, they could see what causes the light to change its color and be more interested in playing with the felt and naming the colors. The light comes apart easily. So we can close the bag and reinforce it with scotch before giving it to a child to play. The other side is a pick-a-boo mirror. Flip a piece of felt to see yourself!

I can't wait to see the other bags we are getting. I'll post an update after the swap. Please, leave a comment! I'll be very interested in your busy bag ideas because we are having another swap in a couple of months.

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