Thursday, May 30, 2013

The Perfect Sippy Cup

We didn't find our perfect sippy cup for my breast fed baby just jet. We tried several different types showed on the picture here. They all have their pros and cons. Camilla might take a sip from them, but she doesn't really like any of them.


This is one of the plastic cups I bought for the family this season. Everybody loves them: they are much prettier in real life then on the picture. The baby loves this one too. Probably because it is see through so she can see and want what's inside. And it still has attention-catching color and texture of the palm trees. If she'd drink from it by herself, the liquid is everywhere, which is fun too - LOL

I am dreaming of the nice peaceful scene of the baby with her bottle of water playing quietly somewhere by herself. Not happening. Here is a picture of my dream: a movie night with the bottles. This one lasted for several minutes.

We need to find a nice bottle ASAP because we will be traveling quite a bit. If anybody have a piece of advice for me, I would appreciate it so much! I am thinking of trying the Joovy Dood sippy cup next.


Found one! It's Munchkin Straw Cup. Fun orange colors for summer fun. Camilla loves it. It was the first time in 18 months that she drank milk from the bottle - Yay! And there are pictures of cows playing soccer. So she walks around drinking milk and saying "Cow! Cow!"

The straw is not plastic - it's very soft and nice. The drawback is to take the bottle apart for washing. They sell the straws separately. I saw 4 straws for $6 at Amazon. It closes for traveling:
Nuk! Camilla loves it. It's pretty orange and red. The spout is soft and shaped in unusual way to fit right into the mouth - LOL. The handles move around, and they are soft, comfy, and shaped to help the little fingers hold it easier. It's easy to wash. So far, works great for us!

Thanks, Brittany and Jessica, for pointing me in a right direction! Gotta love blogging Moms: they know everything!!! <3 I've just started blogging; and I am very impressed with the many of you, Mom Bloggers out there! Millions of  very helpful and exciting ideas, interesting thoughts, opinions... I am so in love with all of you!

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